Reviewing saved schedule alerts

About saved schedule alerts

If you see an alert on your saved schedule, you may need to complete an action to avoid registration issues.

How to review saved schedule alerts 

First, find your saved schedules

Follow the instructions to view your saved schedules in the Academics app.

Next, open available alerts 

If any of your saved schedules have issues, an orange “Alert” box will appear in the top right-hand corner. Click the text in the orange “Alert” box to review your alerts. 

Review your alerts

If there are alerts on only one saved schedule for the academic period, the alerts will describe the issue.

If there are alerts for two or more saved schedules, the alert will state which saved schedule it is for in parentheses. 

Alternatively, on the “View My Saved Schedules” page, you can click the magnifying glass next to the saved schedule to see alerts for that schedule. 

Resolve your alerts

Learn about what your alerts mean and how to fix them by troubleshooting your saved schedule.

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