Checking a course waitlist status and capacity

About waitlists  

  • A waitlist may be set up when a course section is full. If you try to register in a course that is full and has a waitlist, you will be added to the waitlist until a seat becomes available for you to register. 
  • Adding yourself to a waitlist does not guarantee that you will be able to register in the course. You will only be able to register in the course if you receive an invitation to register once a seat opens.
  • You can add yourself to as many waitlists as you want.

How to check if there is a waitlist for a course section

First, find a course section 

Follow the steps to view the course schedule.

Next, review the section status  

Once you’ve found the course section you want, check the section status in the line below the section title. 

  • If the section status is “Waitlist”, then a waitlist has been opened for that course section.
  • If the section status is “Open”, you can register directly into the course if you are eligible.  

How to view the waitlist capacity for a course section 

First, find a course section

Follow the instructions above to view the course schedule.

Next, view the course section details

  1. Click on the course section link to view more details. You will be taken to the “View Course Section” page. 
  1. On the “View Course Section” page, review the waitlist capacity in the “Waitlisted/Waitlist Capacity” section. 

    “Waitlisted/Waitlist Capacity” refers to the number of students currently on the waitlist and the maximum number of students who can be on the waitlist.  For example, a “Waitlisted/Waitlist Capacity” of 2/50 means that there are currently 2 students on the waitlist, and the waitlist can hold a maximum of 50 students.

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