Finding course conflicts in your saved schedule

About course conflicts

A course conflict happens when two or more classes in your schedule take place at the same time. You must resolve the issue before you register for courses, otherwise you will not be able to enroll in the course at all. Learn how to resolve a course conflict.

How to find course conflicts in a saved schedule 

First, find your saved schedules

Follow the instructions to view your saved schedules in the Academics app.

Next, display the calendar view

  1. Select the schedule you want to review for course conflicts. 
  2. Once the schedule is open, click the “Calendar View” button at the bottom left of the saved schedule table. 

Review the calendar for conflicts 

Check the calendar for course sections that appear on the same date and time.  

Update your saved schedule

If you have courses with overlapping times, you will need to edit your saved schedule to avoid issues when you register for your courses. 

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