Editing your saved schedule

About saved schedules

A “saved schedule” is a draft timetable in Workday where you can plan out your classes for the upcoming term. You can choose the courses you want, arrange them into a timetable that fits your schedule, and then register for them when it’s time to sign up for classes. 

You can have multiple saved schedules for different course combinations or scheduling options.

Before you can edit your saved schedules, you need to create a saved schedule

How to edit courses on your saved schedule 

First, find your saved schedules

Follow the instructions to view your saved schedules in the Academics app.

Edit your saved schedule 

Click the “Edit” button below the saved schedule you wish to edit. Do not click the “Remove” button. This will delete your entire saved schedule. 

Change a course section

  1. Select the course you want to edit from the left menu. 
  2. Sections for the course will be displayed in a table format with the weekly meeting schedule and the number of available seats. 
  3. You can check your eligibility for a course section by looking at the “Eligible” column. You are eligible for the section if the box is checked off.
  4. Click the checkbox next to the course section you want to switch to. Only one section for each required activity can be selected at a time. 
  5. Click the “Save” button on the bottom left to save your changes.
  6. Review your saved schedule to confirm the change.

Changing a course on your saved schedule does not register you for the course. You can register from your saved schedule during your registration appointment.

Delete a course

Removing a course from your saved schedule does not drop you from the course if you have already registered for it. Learn how to drop a course.

  1. If you want to remove a course completely from your saved schedule, hover over the course in the left menu and click the minus icon that appears at the top right corner.
  2. If this doesn’t work, you can select your course from the left menu to open the full description, then click the trash can icon at the top of the page.
  3. Click the “Save” button at the bottom left of the page to save your changes.

Commonly encountered problems

If you see an alert on your saved schedule, you may need to complete an action to avoid registration issues.

Follow the tutorials below if you encounter an alert: